Diamond Cheer & Dance is ready to go full speed ahead with live events! Gym
Owners will be notified 2 weeks to a week prior to an event if we are required to
go virtual.


  • Submit unedited video to by the registration deadline.
  • Indicate in the re: section the division, level, organization and team.
    Submit one video per e-mail.
  • You may use a video from another competition as long as you own the rights to it.
  • Video must be from the present season.
  • If you choose to video from your gym, we must be able to see the entire floor and team.
  • Uniforms are not necessary.
  • Follow the age divisions on the registration forms under the Registration Section on this website.
  • Follow the guidelines located under our Guidelines Section on this website. Routine Element Guidelines
  • No releases/waivers are required for virtual events
  • Submit rosters with birthdays. (If judges feel that there is a question of an age, you will be asked to produce proof of the age.) This is just like a live competition.
  • Please make sure your roster count matches the video count. Judges will be counting for skills.
  • Judges will be present just like a live competition.
  • Judges will follow the schedule.
  • Scores will be calculated.
  • We will e-mail the score sheets, scores and placements as soon as the event is over.
  • Awards will go out the week after the event.


  • Every competitor will receive a championship medal regardless of placement.
  • Team Placement banners.
  • Level Champion Certificates with bids to The Finale-April 30-May 1, 2020
  • Diamond award for each award ceremony
  • Grand Champion Cup (highest percentage of the entire competition)
  • Travel Award-We will calculate the distance from our office location.
  • Sportsmanship-When you register send a note what sportsmanship means to your gym or what you have done at an event and our staff will choose and present you with a plaque.
  • Individuals and solos-Cups and medals.

Once you receive your awards we would love for you to post pictures with your awards on our social


Competitors (Cheer & Dance) $45.00
Cross overs $10.00
Novice and Exhibition $20.00
Individuals and solos $50.00
Processing fee $50.00 per organization

Thank you!
Diamond Cheer & Dance