Middle School/High School/Recreational Camps

Ratio-18 – 1

Motions, stunting, jumps, voice inflection, teamwork, performance readiness and sideline etiquette.
Knowledgeable instructors will help you clean and perfect all of your own traditional cheers, giving you the edge on the sidelines at all of your cheering events. Our camps are ready to be tailored to fit your squad’s needs, be it just a little help in the stunting technique area or a full cheer camp experience.

Middle School/High School/Recreational Competition Squad Camps

Ratio-18 – 1

Intensive instruction in motions, cleanliness, dance, voice inflection, stunts, performance readiness, and competition mat etiquette. Our competition camps are the perfect precursor to beginning your squad’s choreography. Our experienced staff will cover all the bases and typical trouble area that pop up at the beginning of every competition season. Our goal is to have your squad ready to learn, practice and perform a competition routine like seasoned veterans!

All-Star Choreography Readiness Camps

Instruction includes level appropriate stunts, dance, motions, performance readiness, cleanliness, and competition mat etiquette. This camp is a great way to start your all-star season! Our experienced staff will prepare your squad for the up coming season, teaching them how to be an all-star cheerleader and preparing them for the intense experience of learning and performing choreography. Don’t get sidetracked re- teaching basic skills while teaching your choreography.
Schedule a choreography readiness camp today!

Technique Specific Mini-Camps

Only have a few trouble areas to deal with? Our two and three day skill mini camps are just what you need! Our 4- 6 hour camps can single out and focus on anything from stunt technique to voice inflection. Schedule your camp today!

Choreography Camps

Our choreography camps will deliver you the most cutting edge, up to date custom routines and music available. From Middle school to Sr. coed Level 5, our staff is ready to deliver a championship caliber routine to for you!

Coach Consulting

Have a crew of new coaches? Trying to get your certifications? Our coaching trainers can help you and your new coaches unlock the secrets to success in the all-star, school and recreational world. With our informative lessons, up to date knowledge, and helpful drills and techniques you will never feel like you’re behind the game again. Our coach consulting events can also include technique basic, intermediate and advanced spotting for all your up and coming tumbling coaches! Schedule now to get ahead of the pack!